Statutory auditing financial auditors

The accounting and auditing firm, BBM & Associés, has been present for 40 years in the departments of Isère, Savoie, Haute Savoie and Drôme. The auditing department of the firm includes some fifteen auditors, as well as additional partner financial auditors, thereby establishing the leading specialised team among regional accounting firms. In compliance with professional standards, we are committed to providing an efficient proximity service and to earning your trust.

The challenges of statutory auditing for your company

The financial auditing team of the BBM & Associés accounting firm is an indispensable partner, offering the seal of approval of a renowned regional accounting firm in terms of:

  • Issuing an opinion on the veracity and regularity of yearly and consolidated accounts
  • Verifying the sincerity and consistency of yearly accounts with financial data provided to third party shareholders, associates, members...
  • Assistance in preventing corporate issues
  • Issuing of certificates and stamps required by law

Service offers for your company


The BBM & Associés firm lends its assistance to all companies

With over 200 financial auditing mandates, the BBM group works with a range of widely diverse customers, both in terms of size and of area of specialisation. We work with small- and medium-sized companies, middle-market companies and publicly traded companies. BBM's wide range of customers has enabled the firm to develop a high level of expertise in terms of accounting environments, internal controls, and organisational diagnosis, in order to provide highly reliable audits. For this purpose, we have also developed a portfolio of banking auditing activities.

The BBM & Associés accounting firm establishes a relation of proximity with audited companies, and accompanies them throughout their life cycle: during times of growth and during times of crisis.