Contractual auditing Agreed-upon procedures

The firm BBM & Associés satisfies your contractual auditing needs, according to your specific requirements, in the context of advisory missions or for your development projects.


Customised contractual auditing – Agreed-upon procedures

With the BBM & Associés auditing firm, you define the contractual auditing framework of your choice.


The team of accountants and auditors at BBM & Associés offer tailor-made solutions fitted to your specific needs.

  • Acquisition audit – due diligences
  • Tax audit
  • Social audit
  • Initial public offering
  • Qualitative analysis of your information system
  • Assessment of your company
  • Assessment of your assets and liabilities
  • Assessment of specific risks (in the event of disputes, for instance)
  • Assessment of your organisation and internal control procedures
  • Certification of tax credits
  • Certification of subsidised expenses (FP7, ANR, BPI etc.)

The BBM & Associés firm adds the weight of a recognised seal to your contractual audits and contributes to an informed decision-making process.


The BBM & Associés auditing firm  is present in Grenoble (Isère), Chambery (Savoie), Annecy (Haute-Savoie) and Valence (Drôme) to perform an assessment of your company through a contractual audit or DDL (diligences directly linked)