Administrative management and human resources

The accounting firm BBM & Associés includes a 25-strong team dedicated to human resources and the administrative management of personnel. You may outsource, entirely or in part, the administrative management of your company's employees. With our social expertise, we are able to optimise your administrative management at an attractive cost, while reducing risks associated with the management of human resources.


The management of human resources (MHR):

The management of human resources covers all of the techniques that enhance communications within the company, while taking into account employee aspirations and overall corporate objectives and limitations.

Our advisory mission extends to a wide range of fields and competencies:

  • Job definitions
  • Recruitment and integration of new employees
  • Remuneration policy
  • Organisation of work schedules
  • Implementation of corporate agreements, profit-sharing and shareholding
  • Provisional management of jobs and competencies (GPEC)
  • Liaising with personnel representatives (DP, CE, DUP, etc.)
  • Administrative management of training
  • Management of interpersonal relations
  • Performance assessments/yearly interviews

To ensure your continued growth, the firm BBM & Associés can, based on a preliminary organisational audit, help you enhance the wellbeing of your employees and your corporate productivity, according to your field of specialisation and the size of your company.


Administrative management of personnel:

The term personnel management describes all of the administrative tasks necessary to ensure the proper management of human resources:

  • Establishment of pay slips and management of social taxes.
  • Compliance with labour laws, collective bargaining, such as sectorial agreements and other legal provisions applicable within the company
  • Management of work contracts and of departing and arriving staff,
  • Management of absences: paid leave, reduced working time, sick leaves, etc.
  • HR management software made available, free of charge, to our customers (dashboard production, social report, etc.)
  • Analysis of economic impacts linked to absenteeism, sick leaves, legislative developments, etc.

At any moment, BBM & Associés can carry out a social audit of your company. The audit enables to verify compliance with all laws governing salaries and obligations (public posting, internal regulations, compliance with work schedules)

The BBM & Associés is present in the Drôme, Isère, Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments, and provides assistance to companies in their administrative management of human resources.