International desk

International development requires a certain skill set and know-how: the strategy, cultural differences, costs, support needs, and the necessary resources must be accurately defined. 

The accounting firm BBM & Associés specialises in providing assistance to foreign companies with a presence in France, and offers advice regarding all accounting, tax and social issues arising from their activities in France and during their international development. Our dedicated and multilingual team includes a California-registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and several international graduates.

BBM & Associés has subsidiaries in Grenoble, Chambery, Annecy and Valence, providing greater proximity with our customers. This proximity, combined with the strength of the Baker Tilly international network, has earned us a true legitimacy in the support we lend to the subsidiaries of foreign companies based in France.

Baker Tilly, international network:

  • Present in 141 countries
  • More than 28,000 employees
  • 8th largest network of independent accounting, auditing and advisory firms

A customised reporting formula for foreign companies (all documents are issued in English):

  • Dashboard in the agreed "group" referential and format (IFRS, US GAAP...) with monthly or quarterly reports on the main indicators (turnover, profit, overheads...)
  • Cash flow and customer credit monitoring
  • Budget comparison N and N-1 
  • Consolidated group package

Direct taxation of subsidiaries of foreign companies:

  • Establishment of tax statements according to the French structure (Intrastat...)
  • Liaising with the French tax and social system
  • Tax optimisation of international groups (profit recovery...)

Indirect taxation of subsidiaries of foreign companies:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT statements
  • VAT on services and international and intercommunity trades
  • Reimbursement of foreign VAT (8th and 13th directives)
  • Assistance for tax audits 

Taxation of foreign fixed and temporary residents:

  • Analysis and optimisation of the tax situation
  • Tax assistance for impatriates and expatriates: tax statements, tax planning for individuals working in France...

External growth: