Tax advisory

Tax legislation is a complex and constantly-evolving field. The accountants of the BBM & Associés accounting firm offer advice for your every decision and all your tax-related work in order to optimise your taxation and reduce the risk of error.

The tax-related work that the BBM & Associés accounting firm undertakes on behalf of companies includes various services:

  • Tax auditing: checking compliance of corporate practices with applicable fiscal law
  • Contractual auditing of the overall fiscal management according to a specific goal
  • Calculation of the provisional amount of taxes
  • Inspection of tax notifications
  • Identification of tax optimisation solutions: monitors evolutions and fiscal opportunities
  • Assistance in terms of real estate taxation
  • Implementation of solutions in terms of heritage transmission and change of corporate ownership
  • Assistance in the establishment of yearly tax statements: corporate tax (IS), commercial and industrial profits (BIC), income taxes (IR)…
  • Assistance in establishing periodic statements: VAT, professional tax, C3S (social corporate contribution), TVS (tax on company vehicles), income taxes, dividends…
  • Assistance in identifying exonerations and in the drafting of exoneration applications
  • Assistance in the event of tax audits
  • Assistance in the event of tax disputes

At the creation of your company, the BBM & Associés firm advises you on the choice of status, since it directly impacts the taxation of your company.

The BBM & Associés accounting firm provides advisory services in terms of corporate and individual taxation.

The corporate consulting firm, BBM & Associés, is present nearby with branches in Grenoble (Meylan and Seyssinet Pariset) in Isère, as well as in Chambery in the department of Savoie, in Annecy in the department of Haute-Savoie and in Valence in the Drôme department.